What’s this blog about?

To think the unthinkable allows what does not have a home to find a home. Then it will not happen the same way as it might have done. Perhaps.

Humans have exhausted the gifts that the Earth provides. A whole 1.7 planet’s worth. The Great Barrier Reef is dying. The great dying will likely gather pace for the next century until we hit rock bottom. Our grandchildren’s children will be bereft, left only with dust and diesel.

The trees have nearly given up. The animals have done what they can. Monotheism has abandoned the earth for heavenly rewards. Indigenous peoples are now only 5% of the world’s population. 55% of the world’s population live in cities. And our relationship with beauty has been lost.

There are mountains and oceans of evidence for the state of the planet. There’s no need for more and we must ask, “What forces compel us to continue to deny the obvious”. Other than the obvious political and financial ones.

So this site is about the spiritual and historical ancestors of this profound contempt for matter, the fallacy of optimism, and the psychological children (like depression, grief, nostalgia, obesity, and loss of memory) that have been born from this chronic, monotheistic, and likely terminal, illness.

We think we have time. Maybe we don’t. So let’s think a hundred years ahead or more, like the 5,000 years it took to arrive at this place, and begin to make space within ourselves to entertain the thought that this planet of infinite beauty may die.

Now stand back and watch the reactions, your own and others, to such a notion. Then read on.

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